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Acrylic on canvas - Hand-signed 


A work of art inspired and titled for street art. A work of art that shows and represents street art. The artist was inspired to create this painting after taking a walk through the streets of Manchester City in the UK and seeing a wall full of graffiti and other works by street artists.


-Acrylic painting


-150 cm x 100 cm x 4 cm.


-59 inch x 39.4 inch x 1.5 inch.


-Painting without frame made on a rectangular canvas from mixt colours.


-A symbol of street art.


-Signed on the back.


-The work will be sold with the certificate of authentication and the artist's signature.


-Do not hesitate to leave a message or send an email for more information.


Available for RENT!

If you also want to rent this artwork, you can now contact the artist for details.

Embrace the street

Excluding Sales Tax
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