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Acrylic on canvas - Hand-signed - Large Abstract Wall Art


-Acrylic painting

- 120 cm x 200 cm. 

-47.2 inch x 78.7 inch.

-After a few torturous days because I had in mind an abstract painting totally different from what is seen in this image, I finally managed to bring it to life.

-My imagination was beyond stories when I started painting but the hard part comes later after I start painting.

-I had spent 3 days only for the background of the painting, but nevertheless I didn't give up and I finished it in a more special way with a background hidden by lines and mixt colors.

-The painting is sold in Brussels - Belgium taken by Paul Donisa.

-A long time ago we were talking about this and he wanted a painting from me and at the same time with the renovations of his apartment, he just found a beautiful and clean place on a special wall for this painting.

-Painting without frame made on a rectangular canvas from mixt colors.

-Made on 20/04/2021.

-Signed on the back.

-The work was sold with the certificate of authentication and the artist's signature.


Exceptional colors

Excluding Sales Tax
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