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Acrylic on canvas - Hand signed


-After years of listening to the music of Willy William - Ego, I made this painting entitled "Smoke Shadows". Inspired by the colors used in this song (white, gray and black), and the vibe there, I made the painting based on what I saw at the end of the video.


-I expressed a part of myself again on this innocent canvas.


-I also used white for these mysterious eyes and that background that came out of nowhere and is submerged in nothingness.


-Acrylic painting 100 cm x 100 cm x 4 cm.


- The work will be sold with the authentication certificate and the artist's signature.

-Feel free to leave a message or send an email for more information.


Available for RENT!

If you would also like to rent this artwork, you can contact the artist now for details.

Smoke shadows

€ 1.700,00Prijs
excl. BTW
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