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Acrylic on canvas- Hand signed - 2020


-After my return to Belgium from Romania, I decided to paint on canvas and I allocated from that time I had and created this painting.


-After a month at home at the beginning of the pandemic, I decided to put those thoughts and feelings on the canvas and threw some colors on this canvas.


-I remembered those ancient times when slaves were heavily used and worked hard.


-I thought about how big this world is and how it was built thousands of years ago by those people with hard work.


-This painting signifies the dignity, self-respect, greatness, courage and ambition of those times.


-A superior and at the same time sad look.


-A look that takes you to those painful places but pleasant at the same time.


-Acrylic painting - 50 x 70 cm / 20 inch x 27.5 inch.


-Used an easy technique with the palette.


-Colors used: black, white, brown.


-Made on 26/02/2020.


-The work will be sold with the certificate of authentication and the artist's signature.

-Do not hesitate to leave a message or send an email for more information.


Available for RENT!

If you also want to rent this artwork, you can now contact the artist for details.

The figure of a slave

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