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Support the artist and let him support others in the same time

Let's bring a smile in this world. 



A smile is all a child needs right now.

I always thought about everything I was going to do, every minute and every move I made was calculated before and every time I tried not to fail to accomplish that mission or that goal to the end, but it often happens exactly the opposite of my expectations and things took a big turn.


I have realized many times in my life that not everything depends on what we do, but we are often pressured to live in a certain way for various unexpected and unwanted reasons.

Many years in a row I saw what it means not to accomplish something to the end just for the simple reason that you don't have everything you need and often that something was MONEY.

Money often stops us from fulfilling that purpose in life, that something we want or that schedule. Money stops us from having beautiful experiences, from doing all sorts of things every day. Money stops our desires and without them we can't start and we can't really be ourselves. This is sad but today, because of money we are pressured to do something we dislike or simply because of them we can not live properly.

Many people in this world have a great need for money and among these people are CHILDREN and PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES. I have seen spiritual poor people since I was a child and I am saddened by this but when you see really poor people carrying many deprivations, lack of hunger, clothes, to live that dream they have, to live in a house with a good roof above them and also those who have disabilities and cannot cope on their own and always need our support and warmth. REALLY VERY GREAT LACK, all this made me very sad, so much so that I wanted to always have the opportunity to help them, to support them and to be with them.


I saw hundreds of children without parents, abandoned on the street or without any food on their table living in the house who were ready to fall on them without a loaf of bread and dirty water just to survive. I have seen grieving but hopeful families, the hope that GOD will help them someday...

Many times in my life I wanted to give them my little part of money, to offer those children the possibility to have at least one loaf of bread on the table every day. I always wanted to support and help those around me, especially those children who have no food and belong to no one. I could see their dirty faces, with traces of tears eager to have a toy in their hand, eager for new food, new clothes and new shoes, shoes the size of their feet.


My soul often cries thinking of these people and these grieving souls and I always want to be able to offer them what I have, to put a smile on their faces. Today I decided on the occasion of the launch of the website and on the occasion of the art exhibitions, I thought of donating a little of my money who came from art. I decided to donate 5% from the artworks sold, which were created by me.

Whether it will be sold at an art exhibition, sold to a collector or even if I hand it over to someone myself, of all the proceeds, 5% will go directly to a charity or I will buy different things (toys, clothes, food) for them and I will give them myself. I will post pictures of different organizations on my part on the social media pages for these children in different countries so that the world can see and truly understand that my desire to help is big and honest.


I also want you to understand that these children and these people with disabilities have a soul, even if many of them are disabled or without the possibility of having clothes and things at school or without the possibility of having a daily bread on the table, they deserve to be helped and they need our support. Someone once told me this: "Money comes and goes, memories remain."

Today 02/05/2021 I, Andrei Donisă wish from the bottom of my heart to leave a memory for these helpless souls, to put a smile on their faces, to add a drop of love to their lives and I want to donate from this day as I said 5% of all income from art.

Without love the world would be a total disaster.

Let's bring a smile in this world. 

(One artwork sold = one happy child).

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